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It is an innovative system of design and construction of sets for TV developed by the alliance between Meteorito Design and Groove'n Graphx cardboard studio, made with recyclable cardboard, multiple high resolution prints and a meticulous design, structural and aesthetic study. Thanks to the combination of these elements, the ReSets provide interesting benefits for the audiovisual industry, such as the optimization of the time and effort required for their production, transportation, assembly and disassembly, without sacrificing the aesthetic and realism level demanded by the formats of high resolution of the current audiovisual market. Through experience with this system we have been able to verify that the versatility and convenience of the ReSets system allows us to make changes to large sets within the same studio, in a tight filming schedule, which undoubtedly translates into minimization of economic resources for this type of productions, plus the vital added value of contributing to the search for a green audiovisual industry.

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